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‎Posted May 16, 2011 in Publicity. Tagged with .

Rainy days and Mondays typically get us down- but THEN, we hear news like THIS and get all perky-like! Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine has once again featured one of our summery new products in their current June/July issue. Check out the Tropsticks! Seeing that reminded us of another nifty occurrence in early May- Aristocakes appearing on The Today Show! Just look how those royally adorable cupcakes enhance the table. You can tell that Matt and Bobbie can't wait until they cut to a commercial so they can scarf those down! Lalalalala... well, it's turning out to be a nice day after all, despite the spring-in-New-England rain. How's YOUR day going? Sally forth!


Daisy, on 07/13/11

I accidently found your products today on and I am IN LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

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