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Fred's Top 10 Goulish Gifts

‎Posted October 26, 2011 in . Tagged with .

It’s our favorite time of year when zombies come out en masse and young women everywhere dress up as their favorite slutty professional. We’re low key in the Fred studio — last year we could only muster up a few wigs. Except for Liz. She wins our office costume contest nearly every year. Anyhoodle…We asked the Big Man himself to round up his Top 10 Ghoulish Gifts, after which he muttered “we ought to give some of this stuff away.” But alas dear grasshopper, you must work for it. Soooo…

We’re holding a virtual costume contest.

Post a photo of your costume (kids and pets too!) on our Facebook wall, and the best one will win a few of Fred's Top Ten!

10. Spyderbyte, 9. Ouch!, 8. Murder Ink, 7. Lunch Bugs,  6. Ice Screams

5. Bone Chillers, 4. Doomed, 3. Cold Blooded, 2. Nomskulls, 1. Gingerdead Men

Good luck!


Mike B., on 01/18/12

Hi, I received the OCD Chef wooden cutting board as a gift.  It arrived broken, still in the original packaging and inner shrink wrap, but separated at a grain boundary.  There is no warranty or support information on your site, and I’ve tried the “contact us” link without luck.  Please use the email below to contact me about warranty replacement, thanks.

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