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Tax Time is the Right Time…

‎Posted April 14, 2011 in . Tagged with .

…to find a cute place to stow that refund! The New York Times is right on the money with today's hard-hitting article about Piggy Banks — and our Budget Cuts bank is featured front and center!

Brad Zizmor, left, and Dag Folger check out the Budget Cuts piggy bank by Fred.

And at Reminiscence, in the Flatiron District, a vintage store that carries a selection of kitschy gift items, they picked out the Budget Cuts bank, a ceramic pig designed by Fred with “cut” lines dividing it into sections marked with expense categories, like “takeout” and “tuition,” instead of cuts of meat. “We were just across the street at Eataly,” Mr. Folger said. And Budget Cuts “has that butcher pedigree — but with clever words: it says ‘lipo’ near the tail and ‘therapy’ right at the top.”

Oh how we love slow news days.



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